The aim of the project is to facilitate integration into the activities on offer for families from a migration background with children of preschool age (3-5 years old) or families with preschool age children who have a disability.

There are about 2.5 million people from a migration background in Switzerland. The club can gain new members by welcoming different cultures. It contributes to promoting movement and early development of children as a basis for making a successful start at school. It creates a platform, builds contacts, removes apprehension and facilitates positive experiences with others.


Your range of activities remains unchanged. You are actively monitored and supported through the project implementation by our project management. There is a project flyer translated into 14 languages and provided at different places (e.g. residents’ registration office, children's doctor, family guidance, nurseries etc.). MiTu families join in with the regularly attending families. Families with special needs account for a maximum of three per group of about 14 families.


Certain phases of the project do entail a clearly predefined administrative outlay, which is reasonable and financially compensated. There is no additional commitment required from the instructors or the club once the project has started.


The project management is the point of contact for all questions, uncertainties, coordination and networking related to the MiTu project. It ensures quality assurance and project financing and takes care of communication and marketing (flyer in 14 languages). Once a year, there is voluntary training for preschool gymnastics instructors.

It’s free of charge for the club and community. Preschool gymnastics instructors are compensated by MiTu and receive an attendance fee.


MiTu training promotes and supports preschool gymnastics instructors on a practical level with intercultural communication and intercultural competence, psychomotor prevention, fall prevention and other issues. It acts as a platform to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the different project locations. The training is also offered to preschool gymnastics instructors not working on the project.


  • The project is easy to set up
  • Cultural diversity can be used as an opportunity for the gymnastics club
  • You make an active contribution to promoting integration through the project
  • Our project management supports, accompanies and coordinates the project
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