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After the pilot phase 2012-2015 in Hochdorf, the project Move Together is in the implementation phase from 2016 to 2022. The project will be integrated as an addition to the already existing offers. The aim is to anchor the idea of the project sustainably in regular operation from 2023.

Pilot phase 2012 – 2015
The pilot will be implemented in cooperation with the gymnastics club Audacia Hochdorf, the Brückenschlag club, the municipality of Hochdorf and other funding agencies. Very positive experiences are being made and it is becoming apparent that the project has a pioneering character in the Swiss sports landscape. The Swiss Sports Union decides to implement the idea as a project from 2016 at other project locations and receives an assurance from the Federal Office of Sport FOSPO of start-up financing until the end of 2018. Report in the NLZ of 19.03.2013 

Implementation phase 2016 – 2022

The position of MIMUKI project manager will be filled by Elias Vogel, Socio-Cultural Animator FH. The first project location is established in Wolhusen in the canton of Lucerne.

After the successful start in Wolhusen, 3 further project locations will be added in autumn 2017 with Emmen, Hergiswil am See and Stans. The project also convinced the expert jury of the Sanitas Challenge 2017, and the project thus took third place in the Central Switzerland region. Service agreements can be concluded with various foundations and cantons.

The project is increasingly gaining a positive response. The project locations Kerns and Root are now added. There are now a total of 7 project locations in 3 cantons. In the Sanitas Challenge 2018, the project once again took third place in the Central Switzerland region. The evaluation, which is being carried out in collaboration with the Marie Meierhofer Institute for the Child in Zurich, marks a further milestone. Evaluation

With the renaming of the project from MIMUKI to Move Together from 01 May, the focus will be sharpened. The project is now supported by the Laureus Foundation Switzerland. The project is increasingly attracting attention in professional circles and in the sports landscape in Switzerland and neighbouring countries. From autumn 2019, new project locations will be added: Schötz, Büron, Ruswil, Lungern, Widnau, Rebstein, Wädenswil and Locarno. The project will be implemented at 14 project locations in 6 cantons. The position of Coordination Project Locations will be newly created and filled by Sarah Vögtli as of 01 October.

The positive development of the first three months is abruptly ended by the Covid-19 lockdown. From 17 March, the initiative Move Together - at Home will be launched. Over 60 days, movement tips will be posted daily at 08.00 hours. The initiative reaches a total of 17,000 people and many times more via the network. We are looking forward to further enriching experiences in 2020. Pascale Josi took over from Sarah Vögtli, Coordination of Project Sites, on 7 September.

In cooperation with the Marie Meierhofer Institute for the Child (MMI), we are conducting an important scientific evaluation for the area of pre-school gymnastics this year. We want to check the effectiveness of the project "Move Together". For this purpose, we are conducting an online survey in which all families of the 20 project sites are invited to participate. In addition, we need a comparison group with 20 preschool gymnastics programmes that do not implement the "Move Together" project. This way we can find out differences and similarities, determine the impact of "Move Together" and further develop the project. Since autumn 2021, we welcome the two new project locations Scuol (GR) and Willisau (LU) to the network.

The MiTu project will be anchored in regular operation in the pre-school area from 2023.

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