The MiTu project has a cooperation with KulturLegi. Families who are in possession of a valid KulturLegi receive a 50% reduction on the annual fee at MiTu project locations. This amount is financed by foundation contributions and is intended to enable socio-economic families to access the service.

PluSport is the specialist body for disability sport in Switzerland. As an umbrella organisation, PluSport promotes people with disabilities from grassroots to elite sport. For all target groups, age groups, forms of disability, in different sports and always with the aim of integration and inclusion.
In cooperation with PluSport, Module 2 Inclusion of our
further training is carried out.


The national initiative Lapurla creates creative spaces for the youngest. Children from 0-4 years discover cultural institutions as diverse sensory worlds, together with their caregivers. Inspired by artists and cultural mediators, they explore their surroundings.
Because culture strengthens the personality - from the very beginning.
An initiative of the Migros Culture Percentage and the Bern University of the Arts HKB.
We are a member of the network.

Alliance Enfance
The network Move Together is a member of the Alliance Enfance. Alliance Enfance advocates for the right of all children to the best possible development. It focuses on the promotion of equal opportunities and is committed to improving legal and structural framework conditions at the political level.

Marie Meierhofer Institut für das Kind
The Marie Meierhofer Institute for the Child (MMI) is concerned with the development and living conditions of young children. It is a multidisciplinary competence centre for early childhood and the implementation of children's rights. The MMI offers services such as further education, counselling, expert opinions, expert reports and is also specialised in practical research and evaluations.

Netzwerk hepa.ch
The Health and Physical Activity Network Switzerland hepa.ch is an association of organisations, institutions and companies that are active throughout Switzerland at national, cantonal or local level in promoting health through physical activity and sport.

The App parentu supports parents with easy-to-understand information and suggestions in twelve languages on how their children grow up and on topics such as learning, exercise, language or healthy nutrition. Parentu is aimed at parents of children aged 0 to 16 years. All flyers of the different project locations of MiTu are available on the app.

is a nationwide campaign that deals with the formative years of early childhood. In this phase, the foundation is laid for cognitive, social and emotional skills. Sport Union Switzerland is a member of the coalition with the project Move Together and is committed to its goals.

Zentrum Frühe Bildung Pädagogische Hochschule St.Gallen
The Center for Early Education conducts research on early childhood issues and provides further training for practical institutions such as playgroups and daycare centers. The centre focuses on play, children's rights, diversity and inclusion, parental work, exercise, family centres, language support, mathematics and aesthetic education. Municipalities, cities, cantons, schools and early intervention centres
the centre offers specialist and process consulting, concept work and
strategic developments.

Familienleben is the comprehensive platform for modern families and their needs. Familienleben knows the everyday life of today's families and shows a world in which they feel at home. It is about a life between individuality and community, children and career, consumption and renunciation. The Miteinander Turnen network will publish an article on familienleben.ch once a month from January 2021.

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