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The training supports you in your varied work as a preschool gymnastics instructor. It helps you reflect on your own cultural understanding and gives you the opportunity to learn more about intercultural communication. Are you prepared to dive into the world of “cultural” togetherness and difference and integrate children and mothers, fathers, grandparents and adult companions with various needs into the preschool gymnastics groups (MuKi, VaKi, ElKi, GroKi)? Our training encourages exchange and networking among preschool gymnastics instructors and specialists plus theory-practice transfer.

The training can also be attended independently of an implementation of the MiTu project or a membership in Sport Union Schweiz.

Module 1

Here you will learn many useful things that support you as a pre-school leader in your work in a heterogeneous context by reflecting on your own understanding of culture and learning more about intercultural communication. You will get to know the basics of intercultural communication, learn how to promote a good climate and how to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. You will reflect on practical examples with professional support and exchange your versatile experiences with the other participants.

Module 2

In Module 2 you will learn many useful things that will support you as a preschool teacher in your work in a heterogeneous context by reflecting on your values and previous experiences in dealing with inclusion. You will learn about the special challenges and requirements of children with disabilities and talk about challenges and support for living diversity and inclusion with professional guidance. Furthermore, you will receive practical tips and ideas for the inclusive design of preschool gymnastics and how the project idea can be transferred into regular operation.

Dates further education MiTu

The two modules are led by external experts and the daily program is designed according to the needs of the participants.

Dates further education MiTu 2022:
Tuesday 05 April, Web training (zoom) Module 1 + Module 2, 18.00 - 20.00 hrs.
Saturday 03 December, closing event, Lucerne Exhibition Centre (Swiss Handicap), programme and registration will follow by the end of august.

More information and registration: here

For questions about further education MiTu:
Pascale Josi, Coordination of the project sites
Mail I 077 529 37 52

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