Are you a pre-school teacher and would like to

  • Network with other preschool leaders?
  • Ask questions during the pre-/post-processing of a lesson?
  • Get feedback from other pre-school teachers or from experts?
  • Exchange information on current issues?
  • ...

The network MiTu Move Together offers you the following possibilities

Web-Forum via zoom
From mid-November to mid-December we hold a weekly zoom event for all pre-school leaders. During one hour the MiTu team is available to answer questions about pre-school operations and project implementation. Participation is voluntary and is intended to serve as an exchange platform for the heads of the project locations and other pre-school activities. During this lesson you can join in and leave as you wish. 

The next Zoom exchange events will take place as follows:

Web forum on facebook
The Facebook group Forum Preschool Leaders offers an additional platform.

Further education MiTu
As part of our further education programme MiTu, we offer Module 1 "Intercultural Communication" and Module 2 "Inclusion" for the pre-school area.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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