Move Together

Move Together is a Switzerland-wide project dedicated to promoting greater integration in the area of pre-school gymnastics. Families with differing needs meet in an informal setting and are able to access pre-school programmes through the project supplement MiTu. In the course of this process, group leaders are sensitised to social diversity. Local, regional and national networking between the associations, municipalities and specialist agencies provides support families with a migrant background or a disabled child as well as socially disadvantaged families so they are able to participate in social life through exercise and play. The programme is aimed at children aged 3 to 5. In the group, children from different cultures and language backgrounds come together, reflecting social diversity. The children and their parents find their way into the community through club life, thereby also promoting integration. In this way, not only the children but also their parents or caregivers are integrated into the community and club life. Meanwhile the shared goal is to promote physical activity and equality in early childhood.


«It's not enough to say the doors are open.
You have to make sure people find their way in.»
Lorenzo Milani, 1964
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