Move Together - at home

The project Miteinander Turnen has launched the initiative Move Together - at home for 60 days starting on 17 March. Every day at 08.00 o'clock we posted movement tips for families on our facebook channel. The initiative was a success and reached over 17,000 people. We have compiled the most important platforms and topics below. If you have any questions / suggestions, please contact us at

We will continue our initiative Gymnastics Together - at home from 4 - 31 January 2021. Every day at 8am, we will post a post with exercise tips for families with young children on our facebook and instagram channel. Follow us now to be informed daily.

Live Circuit #1 Gymnastics Together - at Home

We've decided that we're going to start a pilot and zoom straight into a pre-school gymnastics lesson once a week.  On our first journey we will introduce you to our movement box "Move Together". The box contains eight movement posts which can be implemented using items from the home. We will discover and try out all the movement items Move Together. Our first live broadcast via Zoom will take place exclusively for the participating families of our project locations. Participation is free of charge.

Date: Friday 29 January, 10.00 - 10.30 a.m. (Please join us from 09.30 a.m. for technical support 077 529 37 52)

Participation is limited to 100 families for the first session (registration only). Are you taking part? Then we look forward to receiving your registration by e-mail by Thursday 28 January at 12.00 by Mail with the subject "Registration for the Live Circuit". 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Exercise tips preschool classes

Jacqueline Perret, Professor of Exercise and Sport, explains in an interview why it is important for children to exercise every day despite the lockdown and gives concrete tips.

Move Together - at home
Every day at 08.00 a.m. on facebook a new post with exercise tips for families and links to the #SportZuHause campaign of the Laureus Foundation Switzerland.

School sports
This is a free planning tool of the University of Education St. Gallen PHSG. Jaqcueline Perret has published 27 movement modules on the seven basic movements under "Early Movement Promotion" for the pre-school age group (Kita, Muki/Vaki, play group).

Movement passport Stuttgart
This collection on the Stuttgart movement passport presents 80 different game variations, entertaining and clearly arranged. With the help of these games, your protégés can practice the forms of movement described in the Passport of Movement. Playfully, completely unconsciously and strong as dragons, they learn 32 important skills. These are elementary basics for the motor development of the children. The focus should always be on the joy of movement.

The basketball club from Berlin has launched a movement initiative. So with "ALBAs Sportstunde" they bring daily exercise, fitness and interesting facts for children and young people - to watch and participate in your own four walls. From Monday - Friday at 09.00 am with a new movement lesson for KITA.

Yoga for children
The first story in a series about a journey around the world. On our travels we meet many funny animals and creatures and experience exciting adventures. In this episode we start in Switzerland and walk through a landscape of meadows and forests, over the mountains and back down to the valley...

Children's songs to sing along and move
Here you can find various videos of children's songs including movement exercises for children in different age groups.



Brochures and toolbox

Parentu app
"parentu - the app for informed parents" supports parents - even in these difficult times - with practical tips competently, up-to-date and in 13 languages. You can find information from the FOPH and other specialist offices in the "Library". The information is constantly updated. We also regularly send out news with tips on learning support, leisure activities at home, references to offers, etc.

Get informed. Networking. Get inspired. On you can read current, family-related topics and share your experiences with others.

Diaspora TV
The Diaspora TV Switzerland team has produced an awareness campaign on the corona virus in the form of videos in 19 languages on behalf of the FOPH OFSP UFSP.

Fritz & Fränzi - The Swiss Parents Magazine
Solidarity action during the Corona crisis. Many parents do not have their own subscription, but receive our Parents' Guide irregularly via the schools. As the schools are closed at the moment, we will send you, dear parents, the booklets temporarily free of charge to your home address. We have a certain quota for each issue.

Network Childcare Switzerland
Within the framework of this special format, interested parties and specialists from all language regions of Switzerland will find valuable information on the subject of early childhood. The listed links refer to recommendations by institutions and public administrations and good practice in the early childhood field.

Brochures Food and nutrition for infants
The brochures of the Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs BLV and Health Promotion Switzerland provide practical information on the subject of food and nutrition for infants and young children. They are available free of charge in various languages.*341.812*&uiarea=0)/.do?rf=y

Toolbox for families of the Thalwil community
Mr. Donald Ganci, Family Officer Thalwil, initiated a toolbox for families during the corona crisis at the beginning of the week. In the spirit of common solidarity during these times, Donald Ganci is making the toolbox available to other communities. The toolbox is clearly and simply structured with a wide range of creative ideas for dealing with each other, daily routines, contact points, etc.


Movement tips for all generations

School moves
With the stricter measures against the corona virus and the associated ban on teaching in schools, you as a teacher are under great pressure these days. We would like to support you in this situation and have put together two sets of tasks for you to ensure that your pupils stay on the move while learning at home. With the help of watch lists you can also put together individual sets and send them to your college or class. Ordering materials is also still possible.

Physical education online: With loop-it, there are now clever ideas for sports from home and moving breaks while learning. Just like in physical education, loop-it covers various aspects such as fitness, coordination and mobility.
In times of homeschooling and home office, a healthy portion of daily exercise is all the more important. Here you will find an overview of exercise tips for all age groups.

PluSport has launched a new offer to mark the occasion: PluSport@home. Here we publish videos with short training sessions, where you can stay fit at home and at the same time join our community. No matter if on website, Facebook or Youtube - we stay in motion together!

sport@home: With SRF and sports stars fit through the Corona time
The corona pandemic is restricting mass sports. SRF addresses the lack of exercise and thus fulfils a public demand. In the video series "sport@home", Swiss sports stars guide simple training sessions for the home.

The ambassadors of the Laureus Foundation Switzerland, which has supported the MiTu project since 2019, post new exercise tips for the home every day. Click in now and join in

ProSenectute tips for movement in your own four walls
How mobility and fitness can be promoted with simple exercises at home and thus the quality of life in old age can be maintained or even improved, can be read under the following link.

Movement for seniors on TV
From 30 March, Pro Senectute Kanton Luzern and Tele 1 will launch a daily half-hour TV programme with exercise and educational lessons for senior citizens. The programme "Active at Home" will be broadcast on weekdays at 10 a.m. You are welcome to join in the gymnastics from your living room, every movement does you good!

Rosa & Ruedi
Robbers and poli, jumping jacks and somersaults. The experience of versatile movement is part of an active childhood. While the presence lessons at the schools are cancelled, you can do gymnastics with Rosa and Ruedi every day! Every day at 09:30 Rosa and Ruedi present you with new, exciting and challenging movement ideas which you can copy at home. In the weekly challenge you can also master demanding tasks every day. Join in and stay #fit like a sneaker


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