We continuously inform the project locations about the latest developments and regulations in the field of sport. The current statement of 21 October 2020 of Sport Union Schweiz

Update Covid-19 situation of 21 October 2020
At an extraordinary meeting on 18 October 2020, the Federal Council adopted several measures applicable throughout Switzerland to combat the sharp rise in coronavirus infections. Based on the current development and the comments of the Federal Office of Sport (FOSPO), Swiss Olympic and the Sport Union Switzerland, we have decided to make the following recommendations for our project sites and the area of pre-schooling:

  • We recommend to review the protection concept in consultation with the operators of the facilities and your club and to adapt it if necessary.
  • We recommend that all adults in the pre-school area wear a protective mask. We generally believe that sports activities should be maintained (and not cancelled due to the mask recommendation).
  • We recommend that participating families are advised that they should change their clothes at home.
  • We recommend that participants are advised to stay at home in case of symptoms according to BAG guidelines and that they inform particularly vulnerable persons (e.g. pregnant women, grandparents).
  • We recommend that, if possible, pre-school lessons are held in nature (parks, woods or green areas) and that contact be made with the relevant facility operators or property owners.

For current questions regarding Covid-19
Nicolas Kamer, Managing Director Sport Union Switzerland 041 262 13 21 /

For all further questions
Pascale Josi, Coordination Project Locations MiTu Move Together 041 262 13 26 /

Further education MiTu module 1 + module 2, 07 November 2020, Emmenbrücke
We will examine a digital implementation of the MiTu training course on 7 November and inform the participants by 26 October. Thank you very much for your understanding and best health.

Further information
Sport Union Switzerland: Corona information for clubs
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Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)

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