We continuously inform the project locations about the latest developments and regulations in the field of sport. The current statement of the Sport Union Schweiz of 19 march you can be found here.

Update Covid-19 of 22 March

Unfortunately, the criteria for a further relaxation of the Covid-19 measures have not been met. On Friday 19 March, the Federal Council therefore extended the current measures (see our update of 01 March 2020) until at least 14 April. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Update Covid-19 of 01 March

The Federal Office of Sport FOSPO communicated in its statement of 24 February 2021 that the operation of the pre-school gymnastics programmes ElKi, MuKi, VaKi was not permitted. We based our communication on this statement and noticed that other agencies did not do so. We were irritated and demanded a statement from the Federal Office of Sport FOSPO and Swiss Olympic. This followed yesterday evening and we are thus correcting our statement of 26 February. As of 01 March, the following regulation will apply to the preschool gymnastics area:

  • Outdoor ElKi, MuKi, VaKi activities are allowed with 15 persons incl. leader (7 adults with 1 child each + 1 leader) in compliance with the applicable regulations incl. protection concept. We are committed to children and children are also persons for us.
  • The operation of preschool run programmes MuKi, VaKi, ElKi is NOT permitted indoors. Exception: The running of MuKi, ElKi, VaKi gymnastics WITHOUT the accompaniment of parents is permitted with an appropriate protection concept. Adults are allowed to accompany small children who are not able to visit a sports facility independently, but are not allowed to do any sports themselves and are only allowed to be in the sports facility when dropping off and picking up the children - during the children's training they have to leave the facility.

We would like to see more togetherness in the sports landscape and thank you for understanding that certain processes take time and that we are wholeheartedly committed to gymnastics together.

Update Covid-19 Update of 26 February 2021

The new relaxation of the measures, which will come into force on 01 March, will not result in any changes in the area of preschool teaching. Specifically, the following regulations continue to apply:

  • MuKi, ElKi, VaKi gymnastics accompanied by parents is NOT allowed until further notice. The statement of the Federal Office of Sport FOSPO of 24 February allows MuKi, ElKi, VaKi in general - i.e. also not in the outdoor area. We ask all preschool gymnastics programmes with / without our project addendum to follow this directive.
  • Conducting MuKi, ElKi, VaKi gymnastics WITHOUT the accompaniment of parents is permitted with an appropriate protection concept. Adults may accompany small children who are not able to visit a sports facility on their own, but may not participate in sports themselves and may only be present in the sports facility when bringing and collecting the children - they must leave the facility during the children's training. Federal Office of Sport FOSPO

We regret that we cannot communicate any positive news to you. We are all still required to adhere to the measures in force. We are constantly monitoring further developments and hope that the preschool gymnastics programmes MuKi, VaKi, ElKi can be held again in the usual form as soon as possible.

  • We recommend that families with small children get out into nature and discover spring. You can find various ideas for outdoor games in our collection of ideas for gymnastics together.
  • We are currently reviewing the weekly publication of pre-school gymnastics lessons via video / live feeds via Zoom until operations can be resumed. Update to follow.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries.


For current questions regarding Covid-19
Nicolas Kamer, Managing Director Sport Union Switzerland 041 262 13 21 /

For all further questions
Pascale Josi, Coordination Project Locations MiTu Move Together 041 262 13 26 /

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